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Weekend notes: Massive Birmingham DT Tim Keenan commits to Alabama

Saban has his future nose tackle.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Florida John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday, everyone. Alabama picked up another commit, this time 330-lb. behemoth Tim Keenan out of Birmingham.

Young man wants to compete against the best, and chose the right place to do it. As you might imagine for a man of that size, he is often unblockable at the high school level

Keenan should do just fine holding down the middle in future seasons.

Kyle Henderson at Rivals has some footage of yesterday’s practice for you.

Will Anderson continues to get mentioned as a name to watch. Hopefully we get some decent notes out of today’s first camp scrimmage, but thus far Saban has had the information on lockdown for the most part.

Unfortunately it was announced that we won’t have halftime band performances this season in the SEC, which really sucks for those performers and for the fans.

The players and coaches have organized a march for social justice on campus Monday, a pre-scheduled day off from practice.

Senior running back Najee Harris provided details about the march Friday evening on Twitter, saying the march is to have “our voices to be heard as we strive to enact social change and rid our world of social injustices. We want all Alabama athletes to join us. This isn’t a fan day … this isn’t a football game … this is about lasting CHANGE!”

Once again, they stand together just as they will play together.

Last, Ryan Kelly shared some powerful insight about what it’s like inside the locker room during this time of unrest as a white son of a retired police officer living and playing alongside many black players who have had troubling experiences with police.

If the rest of society could learn to interact and learn from one another in this fashion, we’d be so much better for it.

That’s about it for now. Enjoy your weekend.

Roll Tide.