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NCAA requires schools to protect scholarships for players who opt out this season, decision on playoff August 21

This is a big step toward having a season.

NCAA Football: Delaware Summer Workouts The News Journal-USA TODAY NETWORK via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It wouldn’t be the NCAA if they managed to do anything in a timely fashion, but today the governing body over college athletics made an announcement that should have happened months ago. Better late than never.

This is a huge step toward having a season. It would have been wholly unfair to put the onus on players to decide whether to opt out if doing so could have affected scholarships. We still need some clarification on “approprate eligibility-related accommodations” but the fact that it’s mentioned here likely means that players will be able to play another year if they so desire.

Brett McMurphy reports that schools will not be allowed to use liability protection waivers to negate a player’s right to sue. Big Ten players put out a list of demands just today, outlining the protocols required for them to play, and this announcement ensures that schools adhere to an agreed set of standards or face potential financial loss.

Last, the can was kicked one last time on the College Football Playoff.

That’s a little dramatic since there could be a SEC season without a playoff at the end, but at least we have a time frame.