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mr. cab driver don’t like my kind of skin...

love’s in need of love today

Bon jour, mes amis! I hope you’re enjoying some freedom fries and giving thanks for all good gifts on this anniversary of Coach Bryant’s birthday (and other stuff). I asked today’s 10 if it wanted to just ROCK & ROLL, but it chose to add some RHYTHM & LOVE instead.

Now y’all know what to do. Bring the noise, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. mr. cab driver by lenny kravitz
  2. egg man by beastie boys
  3. beth by kiss
  4. garbage truck by sex bob-omb
  5. bury a friend by billie eilish
  6. golden years by david bowie
  7. i didn’t understand by elliott smith
  8. rockin’ around the christmas tree by darlene love & ronnie spector
  9. miracles by jefferson starship
  10. can i kick it? by a tribe called quest
yes, you can!