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PRINTABLES: Alabama Football 2020 Wallpaper Schedule

More bonus printables from our readers

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Michigan v Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After being frustrated with not being able to find an updated, easy-to-access 2020 Alabama football schedule, long-time reader BammerJammer23 decided to take matters into his own mitts and create one for himself (I did not break his anonymity, but if he wants to do so, he’s free to). Anyway, today is your lucky day too, since he has been gracious enough to forward along those efforts so that that we can share it with you.

This is pretty danged good, innit?
H.O. / BammerJammer23

Really, this worked out well for everyone, didn’t it?

The readers get a handy wallpaper image / document to reference throughout the season. We get some free #content. Bammer Jammer 23 earns the deserved praise of the Gumperatti. And, if I can come up with just another 20 words or so, then I will hit the 150 needed so that this article appears in Google News / AMP searches.

Like I just did.

Checkmate, Algorithm.