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WATCH: “Things Southerners Say” about College Football, Jefferson Pilot

The good folks at “It’s a Southern Thing” kick off the SEC season with a bang.

Popular comedy group “It’s a Southern Thing” decided to kick off the SEC football season with a “Things Southerners Say” feature, and it’s fantastic. Enjoy.

Things Southerners Say About College Football

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Posted by It's a Southern Thing on Thursday, September 24, 2020

For some of you young ‘uns who don’t get the Jefferson Pilot reference, the two men in the cover photo are Dave Archer and Dave Neal, who along with Dave “Buzz” Baker made up a legendary-for-mostly-the-wrong-reasons threesome known affectionately as The Three Daves. We watched for the love of college football, but also for the seemingly endless creative ways that JP could botch a broadcast. Many a fine play was missed, but it was football dammit so we looked past it. When ESPN made its deal with the SEC, Tony Barnhart started a futile “Save the Daves” campaign.

This short mockumentary offers some additional insight.

Welcome back, SEC football. You have been missed.

Roll Tide.