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my own sign says, “i’m sorry, i’m smokin’”...

beer 4 breakfast
Rock God Cred

Hola, amigos! I tell ya, this here r10 has just about everything: a snarky, country-fied ditty from paul westerberg & the boys; a tuscaloosa classic from one of the best college bands to ever sniff the Capstone; a fitting farewell ballad by the late, great john prine; ritchie havens and son little assisting an entire european country personified; a sexy little number from a local rising star; richard f’ing thompson; a devo tribute; playful pixies; mouldy sugar; rowdy kiwis; pouty brits...

It’s almost too much...but now is the time for you to randomly RAWK right past it with your own smorgasbord of tasty tunage, so keep being excellent to each other, and... PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. waitress in the sky by the replacements
  2. wasted union by storm orphans
  3. paradise by john prine
  4. number one by portugal. the man (featuring ritchie havens & son little)
  5. oh, baby! by jessy wilson
  6. 1952 vincent black lightning by richard thompson
  7. uncontrollable urge by criminal hygeine
  8. no. 13 baby by the pixies
  9. slick by sugar
  10. if you’re into it by flight of the conchords

bonus: is there anybody out there? by pink floyd

pale pink