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Who Needs a Blog Poll: 2020 Week 1

This is gonna’ be a weird one.

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Michigan v Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

DYK: 11 of last year’s Top 25 aren’t playing football this week? It feels alien to have a Top 20ish list without Ohio State or even a midmajor power like Boise.

We’ll take this for what it is, I suppose. I had to do a little projecting based on the shortened schedule, opt-outs, and the like. Unlike previous seasons, I put a lot more emphasis on returning starters in this first week than I usually do.

The nameplate on the back of the jersey isn’t going to get you quite as far in 2020. For instance, you can easily foresee the LSU Tigers going 4-6 this season, just as you can see a loaded Oklahoma State squad emerging to be the darling over the Sooners or Longhorns. Then there are the up-and-comers in the ACC who have a chance to make serious noise under new coaching staffs — particularly ones in Chapel Hill and Louisville.

Next week is absolutely going to be radically different than this week. But, for now, given the returning players, how much I trust the coaching staff, and the schedules they face, here’s the Week 1 WNABP.

Week 1 WNABP

1 Clemson 5
2 Alabama 3
3 Florida 7
4 Oklahoma 12
5 Okie. State --
6 Georgia 4
7 Texas A&M --
8 UCF --
9 Texas --
10 Auburn 14
11 Cincinnati 18
12 Baylor 19
13 Appalachian State 21
14 North Carolina --
15 Louisville 24
16 Iowa State --
17 Memphis 15
18 Army --
19 Notre Dame 11
20 LSU --