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Roll Bama Roll Nostradamus Challege: Predict Alabama Football’s Statistical Leaders in 2020

Now’s your chance to show off your football-watching knowledge and predictive powers.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the Mayans were off by 8 years when 2012 didn’t quite end the world as spectacularly as expected, but that doesn’t mean one of you readers can’t be more effective at predicting the future than an ancient civilization.

I mean, look at the technology available these days. You don’t have to go find a sports almanac to find that Devonta Smith did, in fact, have more receiving yards than Jaylen Waddle last season. Google knows all. You can even ask with your voice and get that answer.


Humans took over the planet with their ability to logically infer and extrapolate unknown situations from the info they already have. Well, that, and opposable thumbs, but that’s another story. So, now’s your chance to put all of your resources (provided by Google, of course) to use in extrapolating Alabama’s season in 2020.

Use all the logical ability you have to get the right answers, or leave it all to chance. Either way is probably about as likely to win.

The rules are simple. I’ll ask you to predict a few stats for Alabama as a team and as individual players. You give your full set of answers in the comments, and I’ll archive it all. At the end of the season, I go back and see who got the most predictions correct and declare the winner.

When giving your answers, make sure that it’s not a reply to anyone else’s comments, and don’t add any extra wording to your answers. Just type the question number, type your prediction, and then hit enter and go to the next.

Then you can reply to your own comment if you just really have to pontificate on your reasoning. Or reply to others to tell them how accurate you think they are (this is the internet, after all. Everyone is very positive around here).

Only comments made by September 20th will be counted.

Final note: unless otherwise specified, all stats are going to be for just the regular season. So if you predict Jaylen Waddle gets 1000 receiving yards, then that’s 100 yards per game. Playoffs will not count.


Good. Here we go:

  1. Let’s start this off with a hot-button topic: Which quarterback leads Alabama in passing yards in 2020?
  2. What is his completion percentage?
  3. How many total passing yards does Alabama end the season with?
  4. How many passes does Paul Tyson attempt?
  5. Which running back gets the second-most amount of carries?
  6. How many rushing yards do the non-Najee Harris running backs combine for? (This does not include QB, TE, WR, or defensive player runs)
  7. What is Najee Harris’s total yardage (rushing/receiving/returning) output this season?
  8. Who leads the Tide in number of receptions?
  9. Who leads in the Tide in receiving yards?
  10. How many players get more than 10 catches this year?
  11. How many snaps does Slade Bolden take as a wildcat QB?
  12. Which tight end gets the most snaps?
  13. How many different starting lineup configurations does Alabama use for the five offensive linemen this season? (Number has to be between 1 and 10, for those of you that can’t count. Mid-game changes are not a change to a starting lineup)
  14. How many total touchdowns does the Alabama offense score?
  15. How many defensive players get at least 4 sacks?
  16. Who leads Alabama in sacks?
  17. How many sacks does the person in question 16 have?
  18. How many sacks does the entire Alabama defense total in 2020?
  19. How many sacks does Ben Davis get?
  20. Who leads Alabama in tackles?
  21. How many tackles does he get?
  22. Who has the second-most tackles?
  23. Who gets more defensive snaps: Josh McMillon or Shane Lee?
  24. Which defensive lineman deflects the most passes?
  25. How many interceptions do the defensive linemen get this year?
  26. Of Ben Davis, Chris Allen, Drew Sanders, and Will Anderson, which two get the most snaps?
  27. Which player in the secondary has the most tackles?
  28. Who leads the Tide in interceptions?
  29. Who leads in pass deflections?
  30. How many starts does Brian Branch get?
  31. Who gets more defensive snaps: DeMarcco Hellams or Daniel Wright?
  32. How many turnovers does the Alabama defense force?
  33. What are Alabama’s opponents’ total yards per carry?
  34. What is the final completion percentage of Alabama’s opposing QBs?
  35. Who takes the most punts this year?
  36. What is his yards per punt average?
  37. How many punt/kick return touchdowns does Alabama give up?
  38. How many field goals does Alabama score this year?
  39. How many extra points do they miss?
  40. Who has the best FG kicking percentage this year? (if only one player kicks, then he is automatically the right answer)
  41. What is Jaylen Waddle’s yards per punt return?
  42. What is his yards per kick return?
  43. How many return touchdowns does he have?
  44. How many defensive and special teams touchdowns does Alabama get?
  45. How many losses does Alabama have in the regular season?
  46. If Alabama makes it to the SEC championship, who is their opponent?
  47. If Alabama makes it to the National Championship, who is their opponent?
  48. Does Najee Harris win the Heisman trophy? (yes or no)
  49. How many individual major trophies do Alabama players win?
  50. How many consensus first-team All-Americans does Alabama have?

Tie breaker: What is the final score of the Iron Bowl?

Thanks for playing, everyone! I look forward to seeing what everyone predicts, and can’t wait to see the Tide win all the trophies possible in 2020. When the season ends, we’ll have a post to congratulate the winner.