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and the world / the world turns around...

peace dogs
The Cult

Finally, friends, we get to finish friggin’ 2020 with a farewell 10 for our NYE fun. Please share with us your finest tunes, be excellent to each other, and... PARTY ON, DUDES!

1. she sells sanctuary by the cult

2. where is my mind? by the pixies

3. obvious by jane’s addiction

4. mama’s eyes by justin townes earle

5. whitewash by lee bains iii & the glory fires

6. stop your sobbing by the kinks

7. inner city blues (make me wanna holler) by marvin gaye

8. turn blue by iggy pop

9. kiss me on the bus by the replacements

10. flower by liz phair

bonus: is it really so strange? by the smiths

double bonus: epic by faith no more