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Every. Single. Day.

Let it Be(rn)
Abbey Road

It’s been quite a glorious start to 2021, eh? Alabama Football goes undefeated in best-ever fashion, giving CNS an average of a natty every other year over the past 12 years. Alabama Basketball sets an SEC record for 3-pointers while dismantling LSU and securing their best start in conference play since Derrick McKey was dominating Coleman Coliseum. And now, Bernie has given us mitten meme gold. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, friends...

1. let it be by the beatles

2. sometimes by firehose

3. let my love open the door by pete townshend

4. redemption song by bob marley

4. frank sinatra by cake

5. smells like teen spirit by nirvana

6. let’s go by the cars

7. shake it up by the cars

8. straight line by wire

9. bang a gong by t. rex

10. precious by pretenders