CILF- Coaches I'd Like Fired

Ok, I know we are not going to fire anyone in the middle of the season but honestly I am disappointed that with our talent level we are not playing better. To be honest we are playing on the level of a Vandy or SC. We are doing the kind of things they would do, and I think it must be coaching. So, here is my list of coaches we need to fire.

#1. Wide Receiver Coach: Can you believe we lost a game because we dropped passes? Well, we did. I counted at least 3 times when if we would just catch the ball we would have won the game, or at least gone to OT. By the way I did not see aTm drop one pass.

#2. Offense Coordinator: I guess it is hard to criticize an OC when you score 38 points. But, 10 of those came from the D. The offense actually only scored 3 TD’s. And one of those was on a play we should have gotten a penalty. Most concerning is that we had not one rushing TD. Instead, when we got close we either could not run it in or we tried to pass it. We were not playing UGA. Our inability to run it in is sad.

But the worst part when had the bal with only 3 minutes and all we needed was to get in FG range we went 3 and out. Furthermore, even if we did not get in FG range we could have at least held it so they could not drive down for a FG.

#3. OL Coach: I have not seen Bama sacked so many times under Saban. And if it was not an elusive guy like Bryce it would have been even more times. This reminds me of the days of "Honk if you have sacked Brodie."

And by the way Owens has got to be replaced. We signed several top rated OL guys. If we are going to lose I’d rather lose with one of these at the revolving door that is right tackle.

#4. DB Coach: How many blown assignments did we have? Tons. How many guys were running wide open. Their QB looked like an All American. Why? Because most of the time he was throwing to wide open guys. And, on their last pass, if we had just played the right technique and turned around we could have made an int because the ball was under thrown. They actually had mercy on us because even though they were in FG range, they gave us a chance to pick it off and end the threat.

#5. Defense Coordinator: I’ve saved the best for last because this had been a continual problem. This game did not look much different from the UF game. I will say we played good D for the first 20 minutes of the second half. But, the last two drives aTm had were pitiful. With the talent we have recruited we should be on a level with the UGA defense. Instead, we are no more than the AU defense. In fact, when it comes to tackling I'd say we are no better than Mississippi.

I know no one is getting fired right now. But, there needs to be a shake up of the entire staff. Not, just because of one game, but these issues have been there this entire year. It just all happened at once.

Finally, I love Bama tremendously, but if we don’t emerge a different team we will have a hard time beating MSU. Frankly, they way we played last night was embarrassing AND if play like that again Sat. we will lose again.

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