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Alabama Football vs Mississippi State Preview: Q&A with For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

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Do the insiders think that more cowbell will, in fact, make a difference?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Texas A&M Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the late Friday night post, guys. I got a bit carried away tinkering with the internals of my computer and wound up breaking Windows 10. Took a few days and a total reset to get it working again, and it delayed me getting questions out to Landon Young with For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. (which is still one of my favorite names for SBNation sites).

Anyway, enjoy his responses!

1) Miss State beat Texas A&M in their last game, and A&M then beat Alabama. So by transitive property, the Tide has no chance this weekend, correct?

- 100%. That would only make sense. We’re just a better team. Right? Right?

2) How are State fans feeling about year 2 of the Mike Leach Experience? From the outside looking in, it seems like things are running much more smoothly so far.

- We’re feeling like we’re improving every single week. We can only hope and pray that we improve this week.

3) Okay, you have about 10 different receivers that rotate in, and I swear they’re all 6’3”. Which ones do we need to particularly look out for? Or are they mostly interchangeable in this system?

- There really are so many weapons at the WR position. The big names to look out for are Makai Polk and Jaden Walley. They are the two guys who have the potential to put up massive numbers.

4) Conceptually, I’ve always loved and been fascinated by the 3-3-5 defense. How has it worked out in practice for the Bulldogs?

- Great. If the Dawgs were to win this game, I’d have to say it was because of our defense.

5) One guy on defense makes a game-changing play against the Tide this weekend... Who is it?

- Emmanuel Forbes (DB), injury permitting, should make some game-changing plays. A guy whose name we haven’t hear a lot this year who could have a breakout game might be Aaron Brule.

6) Are there any freshman making a difference on this team that are gonna be a pain for us in years to come?

- There are many freshmen all over the field. This is a young Mississippi State team that has potential for the next 2-3 years to be a top 25 team. Many of the studs that are playing are Sophomores. Watch out for MSU Football 2022.

7) If this game comes down to the wire, do you trust your special teams to win the game?

- Brandon Ruiz is our starting place kicker, but he’s been out with an injury since the beginning of the season. There is talk of him coming back this game. If it were to come down to Ruiz, I have faith. If we don’t have Ruiz... I’m not sure I have faith.

8) Finally, what are State fans’ expectations for the rest of the season? How many wins will it take to be a successful season... And what makes this season a failure?

- 7 wins would be huge. A 7-5 MSU team headed into a bowl game could catapult the Bulldogs into an extravagant 2022 season. Not going to a bowl game would suck. In my opinion, 5 wins would probably be considered a failure.