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Alabama Crimson Tide Football vs Mississippi State: Second Half Open Thread

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21-6 at halftime

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it hasn’t been the utter domination that many Alabama fans were hoping for, but the Tide has made enough plays to keep a comfortable lead over the Bulldogs— Most notably the tremendous pick-6 from Jordan Battle.

While the Alabama defense has been a bit leaky in terms of giving up some yards, they’ve also picked off two passes, and Will Anderson has been utterly dominant. He’s knocked QB Will Rogers to the ground countless times already, and has been held on nearly every single play.

Offensively, Alabama hasn’t looked particularly sharp and definitely not explosive, outside of one long drive that ultimately ended with three straight handoffs in the redzone for a touchdown. So at least we exorcised that demon.

Now they just have to keep up the pressure and put this game away.

Roll Tide!