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Jumbo Package: Alabama gets CB commit, Saban talks Agiye Hall

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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NCAA Football: Alabama - A-Day Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Alabama got a big commitment yesterday from an in-state cornerback.

“He’s long, he’s smart, he’s savvy,” Thompson head coach Mark Freeman said of Fegans this summer. “There are certain things he does that you can’t teach. He can lock down a receiver. If he doesn’t want them to throw it to that guy, he will lock him down. But he can also fake the quarterback into throwing it, so he’ll have a shot to intercept it. You don’t see kids do that a lot anymore, but Tre’Quon does it.”

Sounds like a typical Saban cornerback. Welcome to him.

As you likely heard, freshman WR Agiye Hall tweeted something about quitting after the game on Saturday. Saban was asked about it yesterday.

“It is what it is,” Saban told reporters. “But look, it still comes down to players creating value for themselves by what they do. I’ve said this before, that there’s players that have talent but they have to learn how to use it and they have to use it in an effective way in the way they practice. It’s up to the player to impress the coaches that they can be trusted to go in the game and do what they’re supposed to do. So when players get frustrated, they sometimes don’t respond the way they should in terms of their preparation and focusing on what they need to do to become a good player because they’re so concerned about how much they’re playing.

Hopefully young Agiye will get his head on straight, but if not then the portal works both ways.

Aggies apparently bruised Saban on his way out of Kyle Field.

In the wake of multiple fans getting arrested for throwing debris on the field during a game between Tennessee and Ole Miss, Saban was asked by reporters if the SEC can do more to protect coaches and fans.

“I don’t think that’s my question to really answer,” Saban said. “I’ve said this before, we’re in the entertainment business there’s a lot of people that come to the games they’ve got a lot of passion and excitement for what they do. Hopefully as institutions and fans we’ll always do that in a positive way.”

Y’all better be careful. Alabama fans will burn that place to the ground.

Kiffin had a nice one liner about the Tennessee trash.

He’d just tossed his old visor to the jeering Tennessee fans as he exited a field littered with water bottles, vape pipes, screws, a half-eaten apple, even an empty mustard bottle. He kept the golf ball as a souvenir but felt as if he owed the Vols’ fans their own keepsake.

“The Tennessee fans there at the tunnel were all going, ‘F--- you. F--- you,’ so I throw them my visor ... and they all start fighting over it,” Kiffin told ESPN. “Maybe all of them don’t hate me.”

Last, Brett McMurphy still has Alabama #1 in his playoff projections.

The selection committee historically values head-to-head wins, so if Oregon and Ohio State both win their conferences with identical 12-1 records, the biggest unknown is whether they would give Oregon the edge because of its win at Ohio State or favor the Buckeyes because they would have faced more Top 25 opponents.

In the above scenario regarding Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio State, I maintain that 13-0 Cincinnati would not be rated higher than any of those teams with one or fewer losses and will not be the first Group of Five team to make the playoff.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.