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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Ole Miss Rebels: Second Half Open Thread

Ole Miss scoreless at half time? Raise your hand if you expected that

NCAA Football: Alabama at Florida Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh, 28-0 at halftime. I’ll take that.

Ole Miss opened the game with a buzzsaw drive that converted 2 4th downs and broke a whole bunch of tackles, but the Tide ultimately tightened up and made a stop on 4th and 1 when Ole Miss could have taken the easy 3 points.

With Alabama getting the ball for the first time, they went on a soul-sucking 13-play drive for a touchdown. Ole Miss was determined to play 3-man fronts with a deep zone shell to prevent the big play, and Bill O’Brien was happy to oblige, battering Brian Robinson up the middle and hitting a bunch of quick curls all the way down the field.

The Ole Miss offense got less and less efficient each drive after that. They moved the ball, but failed to convert on another 4th down. Then had to punt. Then went backwards on their final two drives as the Alabama defensive front smelled blood in the water.

Offensively, the Tide just kept scoring. They punted once after Bryce Young just barely missed a wide open deep shot, but drove down the field in excruciating fashion on every other drive, converting on two goal line 4th downs.

Nick Saban has preached all year about maintaining intensity, and the second half today will be the perfect time to see if that message has truly set in with this team. They’ve proven they can move the ball at will as well as defend the Lane Kiffin offensive scheme... Can they maintain that dominance and not let the Rebels back in?

Roll Tide