Extra graphs week 8 vs Tennessee

Here are my extra graphs to accompany balloons' excellent charts. As always feel free to comment or criticize. I am keeping a file on suggestions but it may not be until after the season before I can make alterations. They are greatly appreciated even if I don't get a chance to respond (which I am trying to do a better job of).


Alabama vs Tennessee







Alabama, 2021, wk08, Success by down table vs Tennessee

Down Total Successful Unsuccessful TD/1st
1 42 17 25 10
2 30 11 19 10
3 20 14 6 14
4 0 0 0 0






Eventually I'll start to phase these out (and possibly some of the above) if no one is getting any information from them or if balloons implements them in his series. Alabama-2021-wk08-Tennessee-e1-drive-yards-to-goal-fac




As any of you who have been reading balloons' posts this season will know, he has been saying that he felt like we are really relying on 3rd downs to move the sticks. I'm still not comfortable enough with Success Rates to see if he is correct, but since I trust his analysis I though if the signal is there and strong enough then we should be able to find a graph to show it. And so we have the following graph. The smaller bar charts are the success rate by down for that drive and the background bar chart was originally there to help see which small bar was representing which down. I also like that it gives context to the smaller bar charts. So as we can see from the table below, on our first drive we were successful on 2 out of 5 (0.4) 1st downs, 1 out of 4 (0.25) 2nd downs, 3 out of 3 (1.0) 3rd downs, and no 4th downs. These SRs are what are shown with the smaller bars. The left vertical axis is for these smaller bars and the right vertical axis is for the larger by drive success rates. I believe this captures and validates balloons' observations.

Alabama, 2021, wk08, Success rate by drive each Down success calculated seperately table vs Tennessee

Drive Down Total Total for Drive Successful Unsuccessful Success rate by Down Success rate Scoring drive
1 1 5 12 2 3 0.4000000 0.5833333 TRUE
1 2 4 12 1 3 0.2500000 0.5833333 TRUE
1 3 3 12 3 0 1.0000000 0.5833333 TRUE
1 4 0 12 0 0 NaN 0.5833333 TRUE


At first I wasn't sure how to think about these SRs by down per drive, so I calculated them in a second way. This time I took the total number of plays for the drive as the denominator (12 in this example of the first drive) and divided that into the number of successful plays for each down. So 2 out of 12 (0.167) 1st downs, 1 out of 12 (0.083) 2nd downs, 3 out of 12 (0.25) 3rd downs, and no 4th downs. This will give more "weight" in a sense to 1st down since there will be by definition at least more 1st downs than later downs, at least more 2nd than 3rd, etc. I'm not sure what this is showing.

Alabama, 2021, wk08, Success rate by drive each Down success calculated together table {2} vs Tennessee

Drive Down Total Total for Drive Successful Unsuccessful Success rate by Down Success rate Scoring drive
1 1 5 12 2 3 0.1666667 0.1458333 TRUE
1 2 4 12 1 3 0.0833333 0.1458333 TRUE
1 3 3 12 3 0 0.2500000 0.1458333 TRUE
1 4 0 12 0 0 0.0000000 0.1458333 TRUE









Tennessee, 2021, wk08, Success by down table vs Alabama

Down Total Successful Unsuccessful TD/1st
1 21 9 12 0
2 20 10 10 7
3 12 2 10 3
4 1 0 1 0












Technical question

There is a command to convert my graphs to plotly.js graphs which is built on top of d3.js and (Note it is a graph from last week Miss St.) I can upload these to the Plotly site and get either the iframe or html code that I am supposed to be able to embed in a webpage. When I include the iframe in the HTML view in this editor and switch to Visual view I can see the graph, but when I hit the preview button the graph is not there. And when I publish and look back at the code the iframe code is gone (so I'm guessing that iframes are not the way to go):

This is the code without the angle brackets:
iframe width="900" height="800" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="//"

But the html code works (but is not interactive):


balloons (or anyone) I am hoping this is similar enough to what you do that you can give me some advise on how to embed using something like an iframe or whatever the appropriate command is. Also how do you get your charts to resize? Is that a Charts.js thing?

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