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RBR Tailgating: Roast Beef Sliders

Oh no. Another former assist.... nobody cares at this point

I really messed up last week.

I wrote that Lane was a danger because he knew Saban because he was with us for a few years. I didn’t give a thought to the idea that Saban, the grand master, knew Kiffin because he was with us for a few years. My bad. Saban knew/knows Kiffin too. I should have realized. That was spectacular.

I looked at the match up as I have so many others between Saban and a previous assistant that learned and capitalized on being exposed to the process and prospered.

The story line is dull at this point but here we go. Jimbo is a former Saban assistant and lends his name to the list of unbelievably successful people that still can’t beat their former boss.

They’ll blame injuries, but whatever.

I’ve written about Saban and his formers so often that I’m out of words. I’m left speechless.

This week I made some sandwiches.

I used egg knot rolls but Hawaiian rolls will do brilliantly. I sauteed some mushrooms and onions with garlic and a mystery red pepper – sometimes you take your chances at the grocery – and put that with Swiss and roast beef.

I wrapped them in foil and roasted them for ten or so minutes in the oven but you could just as easily done the equivalent on a grill. It was easy and fantastic.

I feel terrible about the length here. This is the shortest post I’ve ever had. I feel like I need to fill it out more, but I’ve got nothing to say. I love when we get conversations going on this site but I just don’t see this post sparking a conversation.

So what do ya’ll want to talk about?

The weather sucks. It’s been raining since Christmas. That won’t do.

I just got HBO Max. That’s got a bunch of interesting stuff in it. There’s this blond chic that has a bunch of dragons but then in real life she’s not blond. I may be wrong on this and her dye job could be either way. I’m not a student of such stuff.

Abortion. We can gently discuss abortion in the comment section and that will flesh this out.

There. That’s the ticket. I’d bring up religion but I think the abortion thing is going to fill it out without undue controversy.

Enjoy, no injuries, and Roll Tide. And maybe or maybe not abortions.