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Who Needs a Blog Poll: Week 11 — Audience Participation Week!

Godspeed trying to make a Top 25!

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Problem

Okay, so I watch a lot of bad football every year, and I crank through a lot of football stats. Not just because I need them for gambling purposes and to rank teams, but because I’m also a soft masochist. And this year, more than most, we have seen a ton of bad football, inconsistency, meh QB play, increased penalties, and the most upsets since 2011 (46 teams in the Top 10 have already been upset, the most since 2011).

So, I have to be honest with you, we are at a fork in the road here: either there are about 40 teams that need to be considered...or there are about 10-12. I honestly don’t know what to do. But I am convinced that 25 is an arbitrary number this year that both captures too many teams and doesn’t do enough justice to the dynamics of the 2021 season.

Therefore, I’ll be doing something different today. Here are the teams that I think need to be included, as well as ones how have just as valid a case (for and against), with no reference to ordinal ranking, as well as a general playoffish Top 8-10 of teams that earn some discussion:

SEC: Needs to Be Ranked
Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Auburn
Make Your Case
Kentucky, Arkansas

AAC: Needs to Be Ranked
Cincinnati, Houston
Make Your Case

ACC: Needs to Be Ranked
Wake, NC State, Pitt
Make Your Case
Virginia, Clemson

Big 12: Needs to Be Ranked
Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Baylor
Make Your Case
Iowa State, Kansas State

B1G: Needs to Be Ranked
OSU, Michigan, Sparty, Iowa
Make Your Case
Minnesota, Purdue, Wisconsin, Penn State

C-USA: Needs to Be Ranked
Make Your Case
UAB and maybe Marshall or Western Kentucky

Indies: Needs to Be Ranked
Notre Dame, BYU,
Make Your Case

MAC: Needs to be Ranked
Make Your Case

Mountain West: Needs to Be Ranked
Fresno State, Nevada, San Diego State
Make Your Case
Utah State and maybe Air Force

PAC 12: Needs to Be Ranked
Make Your Case
Arizona State, Utah

SBC: Needs to Be Ranked
Coastal, ULL, App. State
Make Your Case

Legitimate Playoff Contenders:
Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Oregon, Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State

See? About 27 teams you’d have a hard time arguing against, plus another 15-18 you’d have an easy time making an argument for.

Play Along!

This is where we get to the Audience Participation portion of our show comes in!

Your mission is to take these 43ish teams and then craft your own Top 25 from them, as well as generate your playoff Top 6. If you have a particular scorcher, explain it and defend any glaring omissions.

I’m genuinely interested in seeing what you do with this hot mess.

Godspeed, it’s not as easy at it looks