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Jumbo Package: “A bunch of poor-mes”

Saban is not happy with this team

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Saban is mad as hell

No need to bury the lede; Nick Saban dislikes this team (some of us beat the rush early and did so around the Mercer and Florida games! #HateHipster). In particular, he was upset with the Tide’s effort and toughness, backhandedly contrasting it to the effort that the Hogs put in every week:

How Alabama has practiced has been a recurring theme of Saban press briefings this season.

Wednesday evening he paused before assessing, “Yesterday was okay. Today we got a lot of guys that had the ‘Poor Me’s. You get into your feelings and you don’t do things you need to do to have success. And when you get that way, you don’t create good habits, and that’s not a good thing.

“It’s not something that we can accept and it’s something we’ve got to do a better job of.”

It was not a blindside.

Earlier he identified Arkansas as “a really good team that has a trademark of playing with great intangibles, great toughness, give great effort. Hit you in the mouth every chance they get.”

I would kill for leadership on this team that can get all 85 guys playing at just 80% of the motor that Arkansas brings to the field. You may beat them, but under Pittman, they will live and die out there on every play.

If pressed, I bet Saban would kill for it too. And I don’t think you particularly have to scratch far below the surface to find out either.

For more on the Saban’s end-of-week presser, Chollie has you covered over at 247 : including Dameion George competing for a right tackle spot.

Only now, it’s in handy video format!

Hardware SZN

Yesterday was semifinalist day for some major CFB awards, and, as expected, two Tiders were on the short list: Will Anderson, Jr. has been named a semifinalist for the Bronco Nagurski (defensive Heisman) award, while Evan Neal made cut for Outland Trophy Semifinalists.

The Tide has had just one Nagurski winner, Jonathan Allen in 2016. But the Outland Trophy may as well have a second home in Tuscaloosa. Since Saban’s arrival, five guys have won the award for best interior lineman: Alex Leatherwood, Andre Smith, Quinnen Williams, Cam Robinson, and Barrett Jones. And of the offensive linemen on that list, Neal might be the best of the bunch.

Dread Vote of Confidence

Mired in a 5-game losing skid that saw the Longhorns lose to Kansas at home for the first time in the 120-year series history, Steve Sarkisian got the dreaded vote of confidence from Texas’s AD yesterday.

So, Sark may not be coming back just yet, but nor will Mel Tucker be in Baton Rouge — Michigan State is working on a 10-year, $95-million extension that will pay him Top 5 money after just 18 games as an FBS coach. Nope. This won’t be hastily considered and screw the entire market whatsoever, will it?

Look, we’ve all hooked up with a few people that we liked a great deal at the time, but that didn’t work out long-term. That’s why you don’t invite them over to visit Mom after two happy hours and one happy ending, you know?

Actually Cool

The Million Dollar Band will be performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year in New York.

I can’t wait until they serenade the Big Apple with such happenin’ favorites as Basket Case, Tusk, and an homage to Earth, Wind & Fire.

That’s what the kids like these days with their doobies, isn’t it?

FFS: I’ve known several outstanding musicians over the years with the MDB, and they desperately deserve a repertoire that was at least published in their lifetime. And very few jams on the MDB set list are under 30 years old.

The MDB set list is old enough to be on its second marriage, second career, third job, and first knocked up teenager.


This one has kind of baffled OSU fans (and me too, TBH). Jamo popped off the other day about Buckeyes fans on his IG account:

“Ohio State fans be tripping,” Williams said this week on Instagram Live. “They don’t claim me. I don’t claim them. Ohio State fans be tripping. They disowned me. I went to ‘Bama. When I graduate, I will have graduated from ‘Bama.”

I’ve not seen any particular animus directed at Jameson from fans or the OSU sites — in fact, not much of anything except the bog-standard “good luck” messages when he left the program and occasional wishes that Kevin Wilson would have found a way to work him into the offense. If anyone has contrary evidence, link it below, please. Elsewise, this one is just weird.

Heisman Hype

Speaking of Anderson, who will likely win every appreciable defensive MVP award this season, he’s brushing off talk of the Heisman, but he deserves a shot at some serious consideration.

But, what’s actually probably going to happen, is that if Bryce has a great three-game nationally-televised stretch with Alabama being SEC Champions, Mr. Young will take the Stiff Arm Guy in a year of fairly weak candidates.

He’s Vegas’s leader going into Amen Corner for a reason.

Even if he doesn’t win the Heisman, Will Anderson is the most difficult man to block in all of college football.

Aye Ell had a nifty story from other SEC coaches on how you try and handle the task of blocking one of the most dynamic pass rushers in recent memory.

Presumably “Good luck and godspeed!” is one of them.

LSU was the last SEC opponent to face Alabama, and while the 20-14 score was closer than expected, Anderson did his part. Did the Tigers change the way they blocked on account of Anderson?

“Well, you try to. He beats them,” LSU coach Ed Orgeron said. “I mean, the guy is good. You try to run the zone read away from him and he runs you down. You try to kick him while he beats the block.

Anderson had 12 tackles — 4.0 for loss including 1.5 sacks on an intense night in Tuscaloosa.

“The best thing to do in pass protection, in my opinion, is to chip him and double team him,” Orgeron said. “The guy is a force. I’m so glad to see he’s playing well. Will is one of my favorite recruits that I recruited.”

And not only does Will Anderson have Sam Pittman’s attention, the Hogs are also rightly concerned about Bryce Young.


The same day that Georgia’s outstanding OLB, Adam Anderson was released from jail on a rape charge, another victim came forward at the bond hearing, alleging Anderson raped her in 2020.

He was still released on $25K bond, and he’s still able to attend classes through the year (though not participate in football).

(Presumption of innocence, and whatnot, but Kirby best hope and pray that not a single, solitary whiff of either of these accusations crossed his desk over the past 20 months.)


That was an awful way to end a JP. So, let’s go with something to salve the savaged soul. This is pure as hell, and we need a lot more of this:


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