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$2 Random 10

There’s soda pop, and the dancin’s free...

How’s about cookin’ something up with me?

Howdy, y’all. I’m laying down 10 random tracks (plus a bonus) to set our weekend off right. So if you wanna have fun, come along with me (that means add your own 10, fam)...

  1. Hey, Good Lookin’ by Hank Williams
  2. Every Season by Roddy Rich
  3. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash
  4. So Far Away by Dire Straits
  5. Wild Mountain Honey by the Steve Miller Band
  6. Power to the People by John Lennon
  7. Fortunate Son by CCR
  8. Kiss You All Over by Exile
  9. Greenback Fly by Southern Culture on the Skids
  10. Oddfellows Local 151 by R.E.M.

Bonus: Easy by The Commodores