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Bad Mama Jama Bama Random 10

Poetry in motion...

The BAD C.C.
Hooked on Everything

Happy Day-After-Turkey-Day/”Iron Bowl” Eve. There should be plenty of tantalizing treats for the football connoisseur tomorrow, but while we wait, let’s let loose and enjoy some random jams. And please post your own assortment of songs to savor, won’t you? Party on, dudes!

  1. Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton
  2. Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen
  3. Turn It On by The Flaming Lips
  4. Trash Tongue Talker by Jack White
  5. The One I Love by R.E.M.
  6. Summer Soft by Stevie Wonder
  7. I Might by Dree Leer
  8. Omotenashi by tricot
  9. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2
  10. Trail of Tears by Guadalcanal Diary