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“Victory”/Late Shift Open Thread

Alabama 20, LSU 14

LSU v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The 2021 Alabama team has seemingly mastered the art of making wins feel as bad as losses. That continued tonight with a putrid offensive effort against a bad, and depleted, LSU defense.

It’s hard to watch that game and not think that some guys thought it was going to be an easy ride and tried to coast. I can’t point to a single player on the offensive side of the ball who played what I’d consider to be a good game tonight. Even Evan Neal got whipped a couple of times. Alabama’s defense played hard, but there were still mental errors there too.

Pretty disgusting, but since everyone behind us sucked too, odds are we stay about where we are in the rankings. This is not college football’s finest year.

USC at Arizona State is on ESPN now, and Hawaii will kick off at 10 ET vs San Diego State on Fox Sports 1.

That’a all I have to say about that.

Roll Tide.