Embarrassing Admission from the LSU Game

Well you’d think as you get older you would be more civilized or at least more civil. That is why this embarrassing.

Saturday night as I watched the LSU game I got a sick feeling in my stomach we would lose the game. When LSU got first and goal in the 4th qt. I knew they would score. We just did not seem capable of stopping them. At that time I went to the bathroom, took off my Alabama shirt, and urinated into that shirt. I then put on a new Alabama shirt and returned to watching the game. All though our offense was still bad, from that point the defense actually played very good.

This old superstition of violating my shirt is something I had done from time to time. However, the last time I had done so was at half time of the 2017 NC Game against UGA. There were times I had wanted to do it since, but I was at the game vs. LSU in 2019 & Auburn in 2019 and it is just not something I could do while actually at a game. I was at home when we lost to Clemson in 2018, but I lost the TV signal for several minutes and by the time I got it back we were just getting blown out. I figured it would not make any difference at that point.

What is really embarrassing is not so much that I urinated into my shirt, I am sure a lot of folks have done that. What is really embarrassing is that I think this crazy act can actually impact a game hundreds of miles away. I mean I am an educated person. In general I do not believe in voodoo. Yet I feel it can somehow change the outcome of a game. That is impossible and that is really embarrassing.

When I did not do anything like this v. aTm this year I thought I had matured. I thought I could face defeat without doing something crazy. But just the sight of Coach O on the sideline, and knowing what he would say if LSU won, just made me act totally uncivilized. I am a mess.

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