Heisman House™- All the commercials

With BY being the most recent (but not the last!) winner, and the inevitable discussions about what his role will be in the commercials (Thanks, NIL!), felt it was time to view the HH ads and see what the lineup has been, and count Bammer appearances.

I thoroughly enjoy these ads, and realized, while doing said research, that these have been around awhile* (2009). Also, there appears to be some that never made it to TV?

*Ingram was featured in the first commercial as "The Rookie"!

Living list, obviously, so if you folks see somebody has already put in the work, please let me know. Also, advise if I misidentify a winner.

*Some episodes don't have/I couldn't locate titles

** And I can't find an ordered list, so...yeah


  1. Calling All Heismans: Mark Ingram, Barry Sanders, Doug Flutie, Vinny Testaverde, Charlie Ward, Eddie George, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, Desmond Howard, Troy Smith
  2. Carwash: Mark Ingram, Barry Sanders, Doug Flutie, Vinny Testaverde, Charlie Ward, Eddie George, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, Desmond Howard, Troy Smith
  3. Welcome To The House: Derrick Henry, Tim Brown, Danny Wuerffel, Doug Flutie, Tim Tebow, Charlie Ward, Eddie George, Mark Ingram, Marcus Mariotta, Herschel Walker, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinert, George Rogers
  4. No More Bull: Ricky Williams, Eddie George, Charles Woodson
  5. Move In Day: Derrick Henry, Herschel Walker, Tim Tebow, Charles Woodson, Barry Sanders, Baker Mayfield
  6. House Tour: Mark Ingram, Robert Griffin III, Herschel Walker, Ron Dayne, Desmond Howard
  7. Rudy: Mark Ingram, Ricky Williams, Tim Brown, Marcus Allen
  8. House Signs: Derrick Henry, Tim Tebow, Herschel Walker, Gino Torretta, Bo Jackson
  9. BBQ: Herschel Walker
  10. Pose: Mark Ingram, Desmond Howard
  11. Caught: Derrick Henry, Kyler Murray, Eddie George, Tim Brown, Baker Mayfield, Marcus Mariotta, Bo Jackson, Tim Tebow
  12. Flashback: Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, Robert Griffin III, Sam Bradford, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell
  13. Car Alarm: Carson Palmer, Robert Griffin III, Desmond Howard, Tony Dorsett, Mike Rozier
  14. Under Pressure: Derrick Henry, Charles Woodson, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson
  15. Pineapple Pirate: Gino Toretta, Mike Rozier, Baker Mayfield
  16. Ghost: Eddie George, Tim Tebow, Paul Hornung
  17. Go Deep: Mark Ingram, Doug Flutie, Tim Brown, Herschel Walker, Danny Wuerffel
  18. Bathroom Break in: Marcus Allen
  19. Fantasy: Eddie George, Kyler Murray, Bo Jackson, Baker Mayfield
  20. Garage: Derrick Henry, Charlie Ward, Marcus Mariotta
  21. Gator Car: Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel, Eddie George, Marcus Mariotta
  22. Game Night: Gino Toretta, Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Mike Rozier
  23. It's Heisman Time: Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, Lamar Jackson, Tim Tebow, Baker Mayfield, Marcus Mariotta, Kyler Murray, Charles Woodson
  24. He's Quick: Barry Sanders, Ty Detmer, Ron Dayne, Matt Leinert, Mike Rozier, Tony Dorsett, Tim Brown
  25. Jay Berwanger Halloween: Herschel Walker
  26. Starter House: Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, Charlie Ward, George Rogers
  27. Derrick Henry Effect: Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, Marcus Mariotta, Doug Flutie
  28. Roomates: Roger Staubach, Johnny Manziel
  29. Backyard Football: Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III, George Rogers, Tony Dorsett, Andre Ware, Charles Woodson, Marcus Allen, Billy Sims, Ricky Williams, John David Crow
  30. Downward Dog: Jason White, Danny Wuerffel
  31. Part Mascot: Eddie George, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Herschel Walker
  32. Playoff: Johnny Manziel. George Rogers, Tony Dorsett, Ricky Williams, Roger Staubach
  33. Trademarked: Tony Dorsett, Marcus Allen, Ricky Williams, Billy Sims, JD Crow, Robert Griffin III

Bradford: 1
Campbell: 1
Crow: 2
Dayne: 2
Detmer: 1
Dorsett: 7
Flutie: 5
Griffin: 5
Henry: 9
Hornung: 1
Howard: 6
B. Jackson: 3
L. Jackson: 2
Manziel: 3
Mariotta: 6
Mayfield: 6
Murray: 3
Palmer: 2
Rogers: 4
Rozier: 4
Sanders: 6
Sims: 2
Staubach: 2
T. Smith: 2
Tebow: 7
Torretta: 3
Walker: 9
Ware: 1
Williams: 5
Woodson: 5
Wuerffel: 4

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