Was this the greatest single game coaching performance of Saban's Alabama tenure?

I've always believed the 2015 season was Saban's crowning achievement as a coach, taking a team that basically had a stud running back (Heisman Trophy winner!!) and a stellar run defense and getting them to play greater than the sum of their parts, winning a national championship by taking down a damn solid Clemson team.

However, I'd argue today is Saban's greatest single-game coaching performance at Alabama. If you look at this Bama team, your offensive line is underwhelming, your RBs are just solid (mostly due to the underwhelming offensive line), your defense is somewhere between average and leaky, the only standout part of your offense is you have a stellar damn QB (probable Heisman winner) and two damn stellar wide receivers (All-American Jameson Williams and John Metchie). You can argue for Evan Neal, but has he been a standout this year? On defense, you have one All-American in Will Anderson. That's it, those are your standouts (and SB Nation apparently believes Williams still plays for Ohio State). This isn't to rip on your other players or say they're not good, but those four are the four players who you look at and say, "Those are the difference-makers".

Yet Saban took those four players and a cast of supporting players and freaking tore apart the #1 team in the nation. I know it is Georgia, and I know y'all own Georgia in Atlanta, but it is still Saban's best one-game coaching performance at Bama.

If I'm wrong, what other game do you put in its place?

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