Extra graphs week 14 SECCG vs Georgia 2021 (Plus bonus Penalty graphs)

As always this is an addendum to balloons' Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia: long bombs, turnovers, and critical situations

Wow! I was hopeful that we could play like this, but until I saw our offensive line play like that I just couldn't allow myself to believe we would do it. Add in a banged up BRob and we had the hosses to win yet another SEC championship!

I have a couple of observations about this game and then about penalties in the SEC below the usual graphs. How much did losing Metchie at the end of the first half hurt us? I don't know, but look at the Offensive drives by drive graph and note that our last play of the first half on offense was play number 45. So from Drive 7 on we were Metchieless.


It looks like our production really dropped off. Was this because of Metchie's injury or did Georgia make good adjustments during the half? Those of you who have more knowledge about the technical details of offense/defense might be able to enlighten me.

One other observation from this game. On second downs we had a success rate of 11/23 = 0.478. Looking at the Yards to success vs Yards gained by down:


most of those successful plays weren't just successful, but resulted in a first down/TD. So we had a... mega-success rate, ultra-success rate, lol... of 9/23 = 0.391. Or another way of looking at this is that of the successful plays on 2nd down, 9/11 = 0.818 of them resulted in a 1st down/TD. I am not sure what this rate is for our other games or for other teams so I am not sure exactly how to interpret this, but I think I am going to add some code to start calculating this.



Alabama, 2021, wk14, Success rate by drive table vs Georgia

Drive Total Successful Unsuccessful Success rate Scoring drive
1 4 1 3 0.2500000 FALSE
2 8 3 5 0.3750000 FALSE
3 3 2 1 0.6666667 TRUE
4 6 4 2 0.6666667 TRUE
5 11 7 4 0.6363636 FALSE
6 9 6 3 0.6666667 TRUE
7 5 4 1 0.8000000 TRUE
8 4 1 3 0.2500000 FALSE
9 5 1 4 0.2000000 FALSE
10 3 0 3 0.0000000 FALSE
11 11 4 7 0.3636364 FALSE
12 1 0 1 0.0000000 FALSE





Alabama, 2021, wk14, Success by down table vs Georgia

Down Total Successful Unsuccessful TD/1st
1 33 15 18 7
2 23 11 12 9
3 14 7 7 7
4 0 0 0 0











Georgia, 2021, wk14, Success rate by drive table vs Alabama

Drive Total Successful Unsuccessful Success rate Scoring drive
1 4 1 3 0.2500000 FALSE
2 10 6 4 0.6000000 FALSE
3 8 6 2 0.7500000 TRUE
4 3 1 2 0.3333333 FALSE
5 3 1 2 0.3333333 FALSE
6 3 2 1 0.6666667 TRUE
7 1 0 1 0.0000000 FALSE
8 11 4 7 0.3636364 FALSE
9 12 5 7 0.4166667 FALSE
10 3 2 1 0.6666667 FALSE
11 7 6 1 0.8571429 TRUE
12 5 2 3 0.4000000 FALSE
13 8 2 6 0.2500000 FALSE





Georgia, 2021, wk14, Success by down table vs Alabama

Down Total Successful Unsuccessful TD/1st
1 37 19 18 10
2 25 14 11 12
3 12 3 9 3
4 4 2 2 2









Penalties in the SEC

There have been lots of discussion about penalties, well every season. Other teams think we get all the breaks and we think other teams get the benefit of the universally agreed upon bad SEC officiating. There is no good way (currently) to measure calls not made, but the data for called penalties is out there. And since the rare night of insomnia can have occasional benefits, I hand cobbled together the data for all the teams in the SEC this season. I am working on some code to pull the penalty data out of the data I use for my other graphs, but it is located in the Play Text so its not as easy as I'd like it to be. But I do have an idea of how to do it and need time to work out the bugs (I hope). I spot checked the data, but as always if you notice any errors let me know.

First let us look at the SEC as a whole (I don't think I included the SECCG data to this).


Four teams had more penalties than us this season: Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss.

These next graphs are just the Alabama games vs SEC opponents including the SECCG vs Georgia. Looking at the overall penalties and the penalties when playing us: Florida had fewer vs Alabama and Tennessee had more vs Alabama as compared to the whole season. This is a rough overview, but I think it is interesting that 5 out of the 9 teams Alabama played had fewer penalties and Mississippi State had the same number.




Alabama-Georgia-2021-02-penalty-bar Alabama-LSU-2021-02-penalty-bar





What a season this has been. Hopefully there will be two more games to practice making/interpreting graphs and that they will be even more enjoyable than this game was to do.

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