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WATCH: Alabama puts out SEC Championship highlight video, with receipts

UA offers a little reminder for those who doubted Saban.

Profile of ESPN Personality Skip Bayless Photo by Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

You don’t often see the University of Alabama wade into snark, but after the satisfying win over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, they simply couldn’t help themselves. It’s outstanding, and a fantastic way to start your Tuesday. Enjoy.

These guys were hardly unique in that view. Few gave the Tide much of a chance to win at all, let alone win by 17 points. Even I picked against the Tide, for the first time in memory. Of course, I also laughed off any chance Texas A&M had at springing an upset, so perhaps I need to start picking against the Tide more often. In any case, sorry about that, Nick.

There were a few mea culpas offered. Those of you who watched the playoff selection show on ESPN got to witness Kirk Herbstreit apologize directly to Saban on behalf of him and the entire GameDay crew.

Josh Pate, analyst with 247 sports, offered his apologies as well.

Great stuff. Of course we didn’t see anything of the sort from Skip Bayless or Clay Travis. If those two apologized every time one of their smoking hot takes blew up on them, they’d have no time left for fresh new hot takes.

In any case, regardless of what happens in the playoffs, this is one that we will savor for some time.

Roll Tide.