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NFL Film Analyst: DeVonta Smith is a monster

Alex Rollins shows how Smitty overcomes his lack of size to put up eye-popping numbers.

In his latest film study, Alex Rollins puts the spotlight on DeVonta Smith’s prospects at the next level. He spends quite a bit of time breaking down the mental side of Smith’s game, and highlights several nuances that most fans would never notice. His hands and route running ability are self evident, but the synergy developed between DeVonta and Mac Jones is something to behold. Check it out.

Alex also mentions DeVonta’s lack of size and its effect on positional versatility, which is fair. Smith has shown himself to be deceptively, wiry strong, however. He will need to add some bulk, but in the end I think he can improve on his relative weaknesses beating press coverage and blocking in the run game. Used correctly, he is going to put numbers on the board for whoever drafts him.

Alex always puts out quality content. If you’re into film work, consider subscribing to his channel.

Roll Tide.