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Jumbo Package: Where will Alabama QB Mac Jones land in the NFL Draft?

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, everyone. As you well know, the hoops team laid a whipping on LSU to stay perfect in SEC play through ten games. I know it’s too early for math, but good friend Coach Kyle has done some for you anyway.

No, Kyle, I don’t hate to see it. Not at all.

Seriously though, Nate Oats has his team playing incredibly fun basketball. The defensive issues from early in the season are long gone. These guys have bought in and they straight bullied LSU.

In football news, there have been rumblings that Bill Belichick has his eyes on one Michael McCorkle Jones in April’s NFL Draft, and the feature back in that particular organization is on board.

The Saban-Belichick connection is very important here. You can bet that the two have already discussed Mac’s prospects, and it seems academic at this point that he will go in the first round.

Jones is going to be picked in the first round. That’s my post-Senior Bowl not-exactly-bold prediction. Despite ridiculous efficiency in 2020 for the national champion Crimson Tide, there was still plenty of chatter about Jones’ physical limitations pushing him into the second round.

Now, after a stellar week of Senior Bowl practices — he didn’t play in the game — Jones’ stock has been boosted enough that I feel he’s essentially locked himself in the first round. In Mobile, Jones threw with pinpoint accuracy and fantastic anticipation to receivers he didn’t have any established rapport.

In fact, one former NFL exec now thinks you can pencil him into the top ten.


Besides New England, Jones has been mocked to the Bears and the 49ers in the first, met with the Broncos, and Carolina head coach Matt Rhule gushed about him. Not too bad for a skinny three-star whose best other “major” offer was Kentucky.

Speaking of skinny stars, DeVonta Smith will be answering questions about his size until his name is officially called in the NFL Draft. He takes it all in stride, though.

I pity the GMs who pass on that dude.

In case you don’t love Landon Dickerson enough already, he is auctioning off the railroad tie bumper to benefit a firefighter who was diagnosed with cancer.

Great stuff. Hopefully Landon can heal up and have the long pro career he deserves.

We will have more on this historic recruiting class later on, but it’s safe to say that the dynasty has a bit of gas left.

Alabama will now have to compete with Sarkisian, Banks and Kyle Flood in Texas. Assistant coaches come and go, though. The one constant is the head man himself. As long as that doesn’t change, don’t expect Alabama to let up in Texas anytime soon.

“People think position coaches and area coaches are critical and all this and that,” said Blake Brockermeyer, the father of Tommy and James. “Winning, program consistency and development is all that matters to those with great options. We love Flood and Scott, but the equipment manager could have recruited us as long as Saban is there.”

That last quote is strong. Brockermeyer was a first round pick himself back in 1995 and had a solid nine year career in the league. His decision to send his boys to Saban, like Pat Surtain, is just another bullet for the staff to use in living rooms.

Last, Jalen Hurts is being Jalen Hurts again.

What a fantastic human being.

Thats about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.