This 2020 Bama highlight reel came up my YouTube feed.

Man, was it good to go all the back to Mizzou and see how good this Bama team was all year. What an incredible team and season — certainly one of the best if not the best ever with such colorful characters across the board. One doesn’t get to choose where or when they enter this world and grow up, and I’ve been a Tide fan since growing up in Mobile in the Bear Bryant heyday of the 60s, but the older I get, the more I realize how truly blessed I’ve been to be able to watch all those great Bryant teams then, and the Saban teams now — across the entire span of my life. Few fans of any program in any sport have been so greatly rewarded. I know that in the grand scheme of things — life, love, death and eternity — football is a trivial thing, and perhaps I shouldn’t invest so much emotion in it, but I feel I’ve been greatly enriched simply by being a spectator to it, and for that I’m grateful to God. Roll Tide!

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