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Roster Update: Alabama Football Freshmen Early Enrollees get their Numbers

A-Day is just around the corner when freshmen get their numbers

NCAA Football: Alabama A Day Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Spring practice is officially underway in Tuscaloosa, and has now updated their roster with all the new jersey numbers of the early enrollee freshman, plus a few other number changes. Personally, I think the number choice often says a lot about a person.... Though what is actually being said can be up to whatever interpretation you like.


DB - Ga’Quincy McKinstry #1 (because of course he got the #1 jersey)

WR- Ja’Corey Brooks #7

WR- Christian Leary #12

QB- Jalen Milroe #15

WR- Agiye Hall #17 (seriously, why do no receivers go for numbers in the 80s anymore?)

LB- Keanu Koht #19

LB- Deonte Lawson #32 (remember the last #32 linebacker from Mobile?)

LB- Ian Jackson #36

TE- Robbie Ouzts #45

OL- James Brockermeyer #58

OL- J.C. Latham #65

OL- Terrance Ferguson II #69

OL- Tommy Brockermeyer #76

TE- Caden Clark #87

DL- Monkell Goodwine #95 (with a number in the 90s, we can assume he’s not going to try to be a linebacker)

Number Changes

  • Safety DeMarcco Hellams has moved from 29 to 2. I know single-digit numbers are all the rage these days, but I really liked the 29 jersey for a hard-hitting safety.
  • Running back Trey Sanders has moved from #24 to #6. My argument is the same as for Hellams.
  • QB Paul Tyson has moved from 15 to 17, and Jalen Milroe took 15. I have to wonder if Milroe really wanted 15 and Tyson didn’t care... Or if Tyson really likes 17? In any case, now Paul Tyson and receiver Agiye Hall share the #17. Might this signify that Hall could be a candidate to play defense?
  • OL Javion Cohen has changed from 57 to 70

That’s really it for this first grouping. We haven’t had a big update in heights and weights yet, though we tend to see one happen before the supper. The biggest bit of intrigue this time around is the number switching with QBs Paul Tyson and Jalen Milroe, plus Agiye Hall sharing the number 17 with Tyson.

Plus, I was REALLY hoping this would be the year we finally got a receiver that wanted to have a jersey in the 80s.