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We don’t do anything at all...

Husker Dudes

Sweet Lil’ Sixteen tomorrow, Nice Lil’ Random 10 today. Let’s go...

(1) “‘I Apologize’ is a very simple, domestic apology about not taking out the trash and being a little rage-y when I drank,” according to Bob Mould. (2) “Black & White Boys” is another of Lee Bains’ hard-rocking critiques of southern structural sins. (3) According to Jim Adkins, Jimmy Eat World’s “Sweetness” is “about feeling unfulfilled and where you’re looking for relationship validation... You know, if that’s where you’re hoping and wishing to get your sense of happiness and self worth, you’re going to be searching forever.” (4) James Hall covers Marilyn Manson with “Disassociative”. (5) John Lennon wanted to record “Cold Turkey” with The Beatles, but they rejected this ditty about drug addiction and withdrawal. (6) The influence of this transcendent Gil Scott-Heron spoken word masterpiece will be felt for generations after you and I have gone; if you’ve never given it a listen before, now’s your chance. (7) Alex Chilton’s Big Star comes out with guns blazing on this classic. (8) According to brilliant songwriter Paul Westerberg, on this sarcastic tribute to his older sister, “I was playing the character of the creep who demands to be treated like a king.” (9) My wife planted this one on my iPhone; apparently, Lizzo’s wearing her lingerie ‘cause she’s hoping to get... into bed. (10) Matt Shulz bares his soul and his pearly whites with “Teeth”.

  1. “I Apologize” by Husker Dü (Live from ‘85...with slam-dancing!)
  2. Black & White Boys” by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (Live w/ “Sweet Disorder”)
  3. Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World (Official music video)
  4. Disassociative” by James Hall (Fuzzy stage-side video w/ MM)
  5. Cold Turkey” by John Lennon (Live from ‘69...with Clapton)
  6. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron (Unofficially televised)
  7. Don’t Lie To Me” by Big Star (Original LP version)
  8. Waitress in the Sky” by The Replacements (Original LP version)
  9. Lingerie” by Lizzo (Live in Boston)
  10. Teeth” by Cage the Elephant (Live from 2014)

I showed you mine. Now show me yours...

Young Elephants