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RBR Tailgating: Sweet Sixteen Edition

I’m still riding this bandwagon.

Superstition is heretical nonsense, but here I am. I did a pasta for the last game and that seemed to work so in reverence to the universe and its possibly influence susceptibility I offer another pasta. Simple as hell and really good.

It’s known as Aglio e Olio. That means garlic and oil. In my house we call it “Aye E Oh.” When you get this basic you need to pay attention to the ingredients more so than usual. Good, fruity extra virgin olive oil and sharp Parmesan or Romano are a must.

Chop garlic, one or two cloves per person. Shred the cheese. Have copious amounts of black pepper at hand.

That’s pretty much it. Cook the pasta and drain. Combine with Olive oil, cheese, and raw garlic. Grind a little too much black pepper on top, consider, and then grind more. There is not too much pepper. I’ve had variations with a little mint or basil. I love it with flat leaf parsley, but that’s all dressing. The soul of this dish is what you imagine a bunch of old Italian men throw together after a night of contentious card playing. This is the ultimate midnight snack.

Red wine in peasant glasses and a rickety wooden table are not exactly necessary, but would fill out the aesthetic.

I’m having more fun this basketball season than I deserve. I hate what happened to the women against Maryland. They had a great season, made the Sweet Sixteen, and ran into a buzz saw. I hope they can look at the season as a whole and not focus on that last game.

As to the men, I don’t know what to say. There are others on this site who can break down the amazing that we are witnessing better than I. I’m just along for the ride, and it’s been a great ride.

Try “Aye E Oh.” You’ve likely got everything needed in the pantry all ready. Take part in my attractive little heresy. Who knows?