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Jumbo Package: Mac Jones, Landon Dickerson, and DeVonta Smith all make news at Alabama’s Pro Day

Is it enough to get Mac Jones into the top 3 of the NFL Draft?

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Alabama held their second Pro Day yesterday, and Mac Jones headlined the news with his work while Bill Belichick, Sean Peyton, and Kyle Shanahan watched. DeVonta Smith also made a surprise appearance to catch passes from Mac:

Speaking of DeVonta, after Nick Saban talked about his size yesterday, and how Smitty plays much bigger than his weight, Matt Rhea went onto Instagram and posted this to confirm:

And while Mac Jones was busy trying to win people over with his throwing arm, Landon Dickerson won the hearts of everyone watching with his antics, doubling down on his bear-crawl interview bombing from the last Pro Day:

And while it came across as just Dickerson being a goof, he also showed out on camera that a 310-pound man that’s only 3 months removed from major knee surgery is out turning cartwheels. You can bet that some NFL GM’s will be taking notice.

If you’ve had enough of the Twitter videos, here’s the transcript of Mac’s interview:

Throwing in front of NFL head coaches, including Bill Belichick (Patriots), Sean Payton (Saints) and Kyle Shanahan (49ers), Jones did a variety of things during his workout, including paying homage to both his late coach at The Bolles School and Navy with a triple-option play that ended with Harris throwing a touchdown pass back to the Crimson Tide quarterback.

Other than having fun, however, he wanted to show he can make every throw.

“In real football, you just want to complete the ball,” Jones said. “At the end of the day, hopefully, I did show my arm strength. I can throw it 65 or however long they need me to throw it, but in a real game, it’s all about being a passer and not a thrower. I just wanted to show off. I mean, I already did one pro day, and it was fun. So come out here and sling it deep a little bit and let those guys catch some balls. It was good.”

Here’s a quick snippet of a clip of Nick Saban getting all excited about talking how he likes to practice certain packages to shut down offenses:

“I think that you have a good idea. Sometimes you get surprised both ways. Guys that do well in practice and you think they’ve got it, they get in the scrimmage and just completely go sort of rat trap on you. And then there’s other guys that didn’t practice all that great and you’re really questioning whether they know what to do, and when they get in a competitive situation, they actually do better. That’s something that you cannot always judge, how a guy’s going to do when he gets in a competitive situation. Some guys get anxious and they get frustrated easily and it affects their performance and other guys, they welcome the challenge and they’re not bothered by good, bad and indifferent and they just keep playing the next play and they actually do better. But for the most part, I think you kind of know who’s ready and who’s not.”

Competitive psychology is a fascinating field of study.

In any case, here’s the embed for Saban’s entire press conference after yesterday’s practice:

Roll Tide!