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And the Winner of the 2021 NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em is...

A red rout, a beating, a massacre.

Wichita State v Ohio State Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It was a wild, weird NCAA Tournament, one where the NCAA Tournament Committee underseeded some dominant midmajors and two legacy programs that not only played their way in, but also advanced to the Sweet 16. Alabama lived up it our expectations, making its first Sweet 16 in 15 years. The Big Ten faceplanted; the SEC had a decent if underwhelming showing; the PAC12 played outstanding basketball. Mark Few’s Gonzaga squad once again fell short on the biggest stage. And we said goodbye to the Good Ole’ Boy on Tobacco Road.

And there was one winner that ran away with it all, never seriously being tested. I’m talking of course about the champion of the 2021 Roll Bama Roll Pick ‘Em Contest.

With an overwhelming 245 points, the winner is....Kevin, the Tuscaloosa Lion.

Ordinarily, if there’s a close runner-up, I rummage through the Gump Box to find a prize for the second place finisher. And, being charitable, it wasn’t even remotely close this time around — TuscaloosaLion stomped the field, winning by 39 points over his nearest competitor, Danny RolledByOats, who finished second

To put this in some perspective, there was as much of a gap between the 2nd place finisher and the 14th, as there was between Kevin and Danny. It was that lopsided. Nevertheless, I am feeling merciful, and will give this year’s runner-up a pity prize as well. So, send me an email with your mailing address, and I’ll get those off to you.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you all for playing. Just 7 more months till we get to do basketball again!

Roll Tide!