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Jumbo Package: When will the NCAA learn? Rule changes won’t eliminate Nick Saban’s dominance.

I thought football coaches were supposed to be stodgy, conservative dinosaurs who couldn’t adapt to change?

College Football Playoff National Championship Coaches Press Conference Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Membership has its privileges...

It’s no secret that athletic departments got creamed last year by the ‘Rona. Alabama’s massive war chest took a hit, but still the Crimson Tide fared better than most, losing “only” 18% revenue, and not having to lay off a single employee associated with the Athletic Department (seriously, great job, Ninja).

After weathering that storm, and with 100% capacity expected across the board this fall, now comes something to ease the sting of 2020 a bit — the SEC’s even deeper coffers:

...Even the ultra-rich SEC took a hit, but the conference has announced it is supplementing an additional $23 million to each of its 14 members for the 2020-21 fiscal year to help mitigate any financial shortcomings caused by the pandemic.

The money is an advance on future earnings from the league’s new television deal, so it’s not exactly free. But biting into some of this loss piecemeal, with years to plan, is a lot better than what most programs were facing.

You pumped about Hoops for 2021-2022? You should be...

Alabama is going to be filthy loaded. Though, in some fairness, a good deal of that depth and talent is predicated on Josh Primo coming back for a second season. He’s not ready for the NBA, but his athletic talent and perimeter stroke have begun attracting attention, and there is growing speculation that he could be a late first round selection.

Come what may of Primo’s pro dreams, the 2021-22 team is deep, long, athletic, entirely of Nate Oats origin, and will get a shot early on the big stage to see if the Crimson Tide can build off its Sweet 16 run.

The Alabama men’s basketball team will be part of a multi-team event in Orlando this season, according to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports. The Crimson Tide joins Kansas, Dayton, Miami, Iona, Belmont, North Texas and Drake in the Thanksgiving Week event, Rothstein reports.

Official dates and times are not yet available.

The Tide faced Iona in the first round of the NCAA Tournament this past season and defeated the Gaels, 68-55. Dayton is led by former Alabama coach Anthony Grant. Of the 8-team field, Alabama, Kansas, Iona, Drake and North Texas all made the NCAA Tournament last year.

Check out that link above for Oats on Houston too. The Cougs will be traveling to Tuscaloosa this year in what may be one of the biggest regular season OOC games in recent history.

We snidely called the NCAA’s transfer scheme “free agency” for a reason....

When the NCAA was proposing this Quitter Hole nonsense, I was one of the people opposed to it. My concerns were largely over tampering, its invitation to cheating, and to a lesser extent roster management. Though, it is exactly the latter concern that is immediately kicking everyone’s ass, as college coaches are becoming de facto GMs.

Transfers are more or less a known commodity who are more or less locked into a roster spot. (Players can transfer a second time in a career but would require an NCAA waiver for immediate eligibility.)

“The hot topic is less and less high school kids are going to get recruited,” Memphis coach Ryan Silverfield said. “If you’re going to offer a kid who’s a good player in high school and can transfer in two years [versus] getting a ‘better’ [transfer] player who can’t leave you …”

Silverfield didn’t have to finish his thought, but the implication is obvious. Coaches are roster managers first before it comes to calling plays. Those who don’t adapt will be left behind.

Keep changing the rules, and Alabama will keep breaking the game...

Speaking of changing rules and the transfer scheme, some prescient observers noted a few years ago that transfers would not necessarily lead to more parity. Rather, the richest of the rich would grow obscenely more powerful under the system.

And that’s exactly what has happened. No matter how much you want to handcuff Nick Saban, first he evolves, then he thrives, and finally he dominates.

I am 100% convinced that the concerted efforts to keep tweaking the rules so as to legislatively unseat him has had the opposite effect. He is instead taking the challenges personally, and it has made him an even more effective coach and program-builder.

BDE, my friends. BDE.

Time to hit the Rhoads...

Yesterday, the NCAA all-but announced that it would be removing seating restrictions on all postseason softball and baseball events.

In big news for college baseball and softball fans, the NCAA is expected to make an announcement allowing the capacity of championship events to be determined by local state government. This would result in the Alabama Crimson Tide enjoying 100% capacity at this weekend’s Regional Round of the NCAA Tournament and allow the SEC Baseball Tournament to be held without capacity restriction later this month.

Alabama, hosting a controversial regional, now suddenly has about an extra thpusand seats to spare. Give them a call at 1-205-348-BAMA to pick up some tickets; they will assuredly sell out by day’s end.

Did we say controversial regional? In softball? Oh, yes we did.

Finally, if you want some merch...

At 12:00 P.M. EDT, FOCO is releasing a Jaylen Waddle Alabama Crimson Tide 2020 National Championship Bobblehead. The bobble will be limited to 321 pieces and will cost $50.00.

Due to a timing embargo, I cannot show you the image. But they are awesome...and in scarce supply. Check out FOCO’s website at noon Eastern to get yours.


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