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Jumbo Package: Jimbo Fisher unwisely supplies this year’s locker room material


Texas A&M v Alabama
“You said what, exactly?”
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Practically every year, an upstart in the SEC takes a swing at Alabama, with opposing coaches or players detailing the varied ways that they’re going to kick the Tide’s ass, humiliate them on the recruiting trail, neg Alabama’s talent, and so forth.

Yet 99% of the time, the motormouths faceplant spectacularly, with their ample rumps overdrafting at the First Depository Bank of Make Their Ass Quit.

This year it’s Jimbo Fisher:

A fan asked Fisher what it’s going to take to beat Alabama other than Saban’s retirement, according to audio of the exchange pod by Houston Chronicle reporter Brent Zwerneman.

Fisher didn’t hesitate.

“We’re going to beat his ass when he’s there,” he said as the room broke out in loud laughter. “Don’t worry.”

Oh, Jimbo, what are you thinking?!

Last year was the best shot you’ll have, chief. A loaded team; your best one yet. A veteran QB. Alabama with new starters all over the field...and you lost by three scores. If this Spring was any indication, you need to put down the High Life and pick up the phone: you’ve got serious issues in the quarterback room...and you’re starting four new offensive lineman.

If that asskicking is coming, it won’t be this year. Circle your calendars: October 9th in Kyle Field.

Mountain Time Malzahn wants to expand the College Football Playoff. Well, Bryan, if I came from that poverty program from the Potato Mines, I might feel the same. But weirdly, his proposed expansion isn’t about getting to the best teams at all — he only supports anyone that went undefeated playing for a title.

Last year, that would have resulted in a playoff of the following teams: Ohio State, Alabama, Coastal Carolina, Notre Dame, San Jose State, and Cincinnati. Admittedly three out of four of those teams did make the playoffs. But how does Harsin’s wishlist narrow it down between Cincy and Coastal? Do we think the Sun Belt was better than the Mountain West last year? If so, is that how we justify leaving out San Jose State? Do we just have a rotating number of teams every year based on solely undefeateds? Who gets invited in 2007, Bryan? What about 2011?

Lookit — it’s this simple: Every year there is a hue and cry about the teams that didn’t get in. But the outcomes have been indisputable. There usually aren’t four quality teams, much less 6 or 8 or 12 or whatever number you want to throw out there.

This entire system is so damned dumb. I miss the BCS.

Najee Harris hasn’t played a down, and he’s already making a splash with his telegenic appearances and quirky, good-natured personality. And now he’s making friends with the communuity before his U-Haul is fully unloaded.

Alabama Golf earned the No. 6 seed in NCAA regional play which begins today.

They are competing at OSU’s Karsten Creek home course, but Alabama has traditionally done well there, and they are very familiar with it.

Alabama has had success at Karsten Creek Golf Course, the Crimson Tide finished second overall in the NCAAs in 2018 at the 7,095-yard par 72 home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Current Crimson Tide seniors Wilson Furr and Davis Shore were freshmen on the team that made the finals before falling to the Cowboys on their home course in the championship match.

Alabama is already working on their NLI program, but no one seems quite sure how it will play out in the real world — if and when it is fully implemented:

On Alabama’s new name, image and likeness program, The Advantage…

“I’m not sure anybody knows for sure how it will impact it or affect it because we don’t know for sure what the parameters are and what the rules are. Look, I’m all for the players. My biggest concern is how do we manage this? How do we police it? How do we make sure that it’s fair for everybody? I think the NCAA has always tried to keep a level playing field for everyone, so hopefully this is not something that — it will be fair for everyone and everyone will have an opportunity to create some value for themselves and their brand. But at the same time, it won’t create advantages for anyone.”

Is it too early to talk about 2022’s Big Board? Expect to see stud tackle Evan Neal’s name a good bit, as well as Christian Harris bandied about as a round one player (among others).

CBS has watched all the spring games and now gives us their preliminary Top 25. Want to know the surprise? It’s Alabama at No. 1 again.

Even after a record-tying showing in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft (six picks) and breaking the record for number of players selected in the first two rounds (eight), Alabama has enough young talent ready to step in that the Crimson Tide have ended the spring practice season on top of CBS Sports’ post-spring college football rankings.

And, finally Alabama Football’s Mac Jones and Softball’s Kaylee Tow were named the winners of this years Paul W. Bryant Award. You’d be hard-pressed to find good faith disagreement either.

Congratulations to both. Roll Tide!


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