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WATCH: SEC Shorts depicts Georgia fans dealing with Hope

It’s Georgia’s year again, y’all.

Josh Snead and team over at SEC Shorts are always good for a laugh, and they killed it again with their latest installment: “How Georgia fans deal with Hope.”


I have to say, the fellow depicted is pretty levelheaded compared to Mike Griffith of DawgNation, whose radical homerism is regularly but unintentionally funny. Check out this gem:

The Crimson Tide would have prevailed over the Knights, and then it would have plowed through No. 4 seed Ohio State in a bowl game before facing Clemson in the semifinals.

The Tide easily handled the overseeded Tigers that year in the Sugar Bowl, 24-6, and it would have done so again in this format.

But with two playoff games, Alabama might have had to turn to Tua Tagovailoa earlier, and that would have meant showing more of how its offense would operate with the gifted Hawaiian.

Conclusion: Georgia was the best team throughout most of the 2017 season, and with Alabama having to play an extra game under this different format, that would have been enough to give the Bulldogs an edge and the title.

“If only Alabama had to play UCF that year, we’d have won us a national title.” It must be nice to live in a land of make-believe. Just spectacular.

Never change, Dawgs.

Roll Tide.