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Countdown to kickoff: 73 years ago, Alabama whipped Auburn 55-0 as the Iron Bowl returned

After 41 long years, the two in-state rivals finally got back together.

Due to a myriad of irreconcilable issues, Alabama and Auburn fell out after the 1907 season and infamously didn’t play for 41 years. The game finally returned in 1948 under pressure from the state legislature, as fans clamored for the series to return and the two school presidents managed to hammer out a deal. As Christopher Walsh notes, not everyone on the Alabama side was pleased about it.

In 1948, the debate on whether to renew the series finally came to an end after state legislators threatened to get involved despite objections from Alabama athletic director Frank Thomas and other school officials, who believed nothing could be gained by playing a team that had never finished better than third in the Southeastern Conference.

That, folks, is some quality disrespect.

The Tide did their level best to make Auburn regret resuming the series with a 55-0 thumping that still stands as the most lopsided game in series history. The two teams have played every year since with Alabama leading 47-37-1, and there has been plenty of additional controversy along the way.

Game footage from Bama Rewind is embedded below for your enjoyment. We are now 73 days to kickoff.

Roll Tide.