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Jumbo Package: Evan Neal’s time to shine

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Summer doldrums are in full effect and the pickins are slim, but as always you get what we got, starting with athletic freak Evan Neal.

“Neal is a massive right tackle, yet he has surprisingly nimble feet and quickness,” NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah said. “He varies his pass sets, occasionally jumping/attacking edge rushers and eliminating their runway. When Neal takes a traditional set, he can bend and redirect before landing his punch. Once he locks on, the play is usually over. In the run game, he can collapse defenders on down-blocks, and he moves well as a puller. Neal is a good finisher.”

As long as Neal stays healthy, he as as sure a bet to go top 5 in the draft as we’ve had in a while. He is going to set records at the Combine.

Speaking of people doing things in the weight room, have you seen Jalen Milroe lately?

Just your average 18 year old.

Next year’s QB commit is constantly recruiting on social media.

Help us set another record, Ty.

Alex Leatherwood is being counted on heavily by the Raiders.

“He’s every smart, very athletic,” Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden said of Leatherwood during the Raiders’ mandatory minicamp. “He’s long. He’s a talented player. That’s why we took him. We had him ranked high on our board, and we’re glad he fell to us. We’re glad he was there for us. Smart guy, very athletic and he has a lot of experience, so we’re counting on him being our starting right tackle.”

Hey, guess who the top coach in the country is, per Sporting News?

Who else would it be? Alabama remains the standard for all programs to follow, and Saban has led six of his record seven national championship runs in Tuscaloosa. Alabama is 91-8 since the College Football Playoff started, and that comes with three of those national championships. With Saban now extended through 2028, that paints a grim forecast for the rest of college football that a 12-team playoff alone will not fix.


Last, BamaOnline previews one of Alabama’s bodybag opponents.

“We just want people here to know that we’re here to lift the Hattiesburg and surrounding area up,” Hall said. “We’re not just a football team. We want to be a ray of light for this whole area, to give them something to believe in, something to hope for, something to rally around. We appreciate the people that were here today. We want more people to come, and they’re going to.

“Look, I understand there’s people out there that say, ‘Well, when they start winning, we’ll come.’ Well, that’s kind of like going up to a girl and saying, ‘You know what, I’ll start liking you if you’ll start liking me.’ How about we just both just like each other at the same time and we can get this thing off and running?”

Bruh, is that thing about being a ray of light what you said to land the job? Good job then, I guess.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.