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UPDATE: Alabama Softball May Have Only One Super Senior Returning

The Crimson Tide has a few starters opting for other paths.

An unexpected exit?

Alabama has only three players who played 2018-2021 and were eligible for a bonus super-season in 2022. One has announced her return, one has announced a retirement, and a third is up in the air.

Kaylee Tow has been a starter from Day 1 as a freshman. She is a two-time NFCA Second Team All-American (2018-19), and a Third Team All-American (2021). She has announced her return.

Maddie Morgan is a fan favorite around RBR and never quite got the credit she deserved. She started 171 games for the Tide, mostly at the hot corner. The Lynwood, Washington native has decided to hang it up.

And finally there is outfielder KB Sides. RBR sources heard earlier that she would not be returning. Now, there are reports that Dora, Alabama’s favorite daughter will be transferring.

Sides is another RBR favorite (well, aren’t they ALL our favorites?) and one of the most underappreciated hitters on the team. It’s possible she changes her mind, but it’s up in the air right now. If she does depart, that would be six regular starters gone from the team.

UPDATE: Yeah, she’s gone.

Those who are leaving, we wish them well and hope they come back and see us sometime. For those staying, we can’t wait for next season.

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