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Tyson Fury got the ‘Rona? Third fight with Wilder postponed until October

Wilder’s payday and a shot at redemption is going to have to wait

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II - MGM Grand Photo by Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images

Tyson Fury’s body has been through a lot — heart problems, weight problems, crack addiction, super heavyweight bouts, heavy drinking...and now he has the ‘Rona.

Deontay Wilder, looking for redemption after a loss and a draw against the Gypsy King who took his WBC belt, is just going to have to wait for that date with destiny.

According to Fury’s camp, the two sides will meet in October instead of later this month as originally scheduled, after Fury tested positive for Covid.

There were possible plans suggested by Eddie O’Hearn to slot a fight in for Deontay into that late July spot, but that has been scuttled. Instead, we’ll just have to wait until October 9th for the third and final battle between the heavyweight division’s heaviest hitters.

Tyson is not a svelte man, nor is he a young one, both of which are conditions that can exacerbate the ‘Rona. During hist last weigh-in, Fury was 273 pounds. Though he’s 6’9”, it’s not a trim 273 — worse, he’s been bulking up — his prefight strategy to fight Wilder at 300 pounds.

And it’s entirely possible that Fury doesn’t even have the virus. Or, if so, he contracted a very mild case of it. He had one administration of the vaccine, but never followed through with the second dose, vastly dropping its efficacy. Although he did report mild symptoms.

Still, this timing seems rushed, doesn’t it?

Having gotten a very mild case of it last February, before the extent of the spread was known much less a test available, I can tell you that it’s not something you just bounce back from. For nearly three months I felt like a horse that had its wind broken — I was not able to fully regain lung functioning or kick the malaise for a solid 6-7 months. My morning runs turned into half-mile, aching slow walks. My joints still hurt like shit, my brain still goes into a fugue state on occasion, and something has just If that makes sense?

That’s not unusual either — long-lasting fatigue, lung problems, joint pain, brain fog, mental health issues, kidney and liver problems, and other nasties come along with it. And that assumes you’re not a “long-termer.”

In either case, I think am readjusting my pessimistic prediction of earlier last month.

A fatter Fury is going to be fighting at a significantly slower pace than he has at any point in the last three years. And, if he did actually have the virus, his superhuman stamina is going to take a hit. We know Wilder can knock him down — only a miracle and drunken Irish spite kept his head on his shoulders and Fury conscious in their first fight.

And you know what, I really like his chances now.

Best of luck, Bronze Bomber, and a speedy recovery to Fury.

We’ll have the JP up for you mid-morning. See you then.


Does Fury’s weight / possible COVID change your assessment of Wilder-Fury III?

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  • 30%
    No, Fury is still the better fighter.
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  • 5%
    Yes, the weight is going to hinder him, irrespective of coronavirus. Wilder finally wins.
    (4 votes)
  • 2%
    Yes, the coronavirus is going to wreck his condition, irrespective of weight. Wilder finally wins.
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  • 18%
    Yes, the two combined is too much to overcome. Wilder finally wins.
    (13 votes)
  • 27%
    This was all just actually a ploy by an out-of-shape Fury to get his weight down
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  • 15%
    Unsure / Uncertain / Other
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