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Which Alabama Freshmen Summer Enrollees got the best jersey numbers?

Should a defensive lineman really be wearing a number under 50?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 11 CFP National Championship - Alabama v Ohio State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ahead of SEC Media Days, the Alabama Crimson Tide released their media guide with an updated roster (which, as of yet, has not made it to All of the freshmen who joined the team this summer now have their numbers.

For many, this in inconsequential information.

But for those of us who actively obsess over every minutia of roster management, it’s like Christmas in July.

In any case, Charlie Potter of 247Sports already did the hard work in looking for all the new numbers and listing them for us, and I’ll expound with my thoughts on each one.

12 — Terrion Arnold, DB

Personally, I think 12 should be a number reserved for QBs only. It’s just never looked right on any other position. Arnold can play WR, which might be slightly better that a DB here... but still not great.

59 — Anquin Barnes Jr., DL

Any number in the 50s is good for defensive linemen. Odd numbers in particular bode well for his pass rush ability later on.

40 — Kendrick Blackshire, LB

Ehhh, 40 is just such a basic linebacker number. Like, you KNOW #40 is a linebacker on special teams, but probably not someone that’s a legit household name. Blackshire has too much of a social media presence for such a lackluster number.

29 — Kadarius Calloway, DB

Oh I love this one. 29 is probably my favorite defensive back number, and Calloway is a guy I’m particularly excited about due to his unique size and versatile skill set. Is he a great cover guy like Minkah Fitzpatrick? Or a hard-hitting safety like DeMarcco Hellams? I suspect we will know soon enough.

10 — JoJo Earle, WR

Usually, I feel the same about 10 as I do 12, just to a lesser extent. It’s a rounded shaped number, and makes me think of someone slow. And Earle is far from slow. However, the first name of JoJo looks kinda similar to two 10s, so it actually kinda fits here. Maybe he’ll be the one to change my thinking.

6 — Khyree Jackson, DB

6 is fine for a defensive back.... if they’re small. But Khyree is 6’3”. He needs a bigger number for intimidation factor. Something like 37 would have been preferable.

96 — Tim Keenan III, DL

Cool. Nose tackle in the 90s. Can’t go wrong.

44 — Damon Payne Jr., DL

Okay, here’s the thing: if you’re going to be an interior defensive lineman and you wear anything other than 50s or 90s, you better be ready to stand out and back up that extra attention with good play. If you do, you look awesome. But if not, it just looks weird.

77 — Jaeden Roberts, OL

I usually like for the taller, leaner offensive linemen to have the high-70 numbers and the 330+ pound guys like Roberts to be 50-72, but it’s not a huge deal. Unlike him. He’s just huge.

27 — DeVonta Smith, DB

Similar to 29, this is one of the best defensive back numbers. Combine that with his name, and Smith is really set up for success here.

10 — Henry To’o To’o, LB

Again, if you’re going to wear a QB number as a linebacker, you better be ready to back that up with elite play.

15 — Dallas Turner, LB

Pass rushers ending in multiples of 5 is weird. 17 would have been fine. It’s more edgy.

25 — Camar Wheaton, RB

Decent choice. Nothing flashy, but you definitely cant go wrong as a RB in the 20s. It doesn’t scream “fast” like a single digit number, but that might make defenders underestimate him.

1 — Jameson Williams, WR

I’m not sure you can just transfer in and take #1. Especially with such a common last name. I really hoped Williams would finally break this stupid trend of no wide receivers wearing 80s any more. He’d have been a perfect #81.

49 — Kaine Williams, DB

I wasn’t sure at first since numbers in the 40s make me think you’re slow... But the more I look at it, the more I like it. Rashad Johnson was an awesome safety wearing #49. It also seems like a number that would be great for a guy that can really hit hard.

95 — Jack Martin, P

This seems right. Standard punter number.

86 — James Burnip, P

I love this one. It’s not super weird like a punter wearing 71 or something, but it’s just different enough to have a little personality. And if we can pull an elite Australian punter with some personality, then I’m excited.

52 — Carter Short, LS

Sure. He’s a long snapper. I don’t really have any good rules here. Wear what you want, man.