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Random 10 July Jukebox

Then we danced the dance ‘til the menace got out...


Good morning! We suffered a total power outage as I was beginning to type up today’s 10 tunes, but now electricity has found its way back to this location, and we’re ready to jam! Why dontchya throw down with us by throwin’ down your own randomly selected songs from your favorite device? All the cool kids are doin’ it. What are ya, huh? Chicken?

  1. Harborcoat by R.E.M.
  2. Out That Door by Hoodoo Gurus
  3. Chinese Rock by The Ramones
  4. Everything is Everything by Lauryn Hill
  5. Color Me Impressed by The Replacements
  6. No Side to Fall In by The Raincoats
  7. Ballin’ by Mustard & Roddy Ricch
  8. 2024 by Cage the Elephant
  9. Magnet and Steel by Walter Egan
  10. Green River by CCR