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WATCH: Analyst Matt Wyatt on how Saban and Kiffin changed the Alabama offense

A few specific plays may have led to the Tuscaloosa juggernaut.

Alabama v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

By now we have all heard, and probably told, the story of how Nick Saban brought Lane Kiffin in to modernize his offense. Johnny Manziel is often cited as the catalyst, but former Mississippi State QB and current radio host/film analyst Matt Wyatt believes that a couple of other plays raised the level of urgency. Check out his video, it’s about eight minutes long and well worth your time.

I already picked a nit with Matt over calling that Auburn play legal. Regardless of your view of the offensive linemen, Jay Prosch was an eligible receiver and clearly blocking downfield before the throw, which is an automatic pass interference call and may well have led the safety to come up and fill for the run.

Still, the point is sound that this game was likely a catalyst, and the other plays he cites likely made an impact, too. Most importantly, he correctly points out that Kiffin wasn’t brought in as an autonomous coordinator tasked with bringing a new scheme to town. This was a team effort, two brilliant minds learning together and from one another.

Great stuff.

Roll Tide.