C'est Moi!

In my opinion we have held the Prima Donna role in the SEC for long enough to claim a legacy to same. Texas is just going to get in the way.

We have six National Championships since we made Texas’ ass quit. I suspect they’ll expect an oversized seat at the table. What sucks is that I was ready to be a big Sark fan.

Texas A&M has a legit gripe, but there is so much money daring them to stay put if they threaten to go elsewhere. I’m in the A&M camp if that wasn’t already apparent. They brought us Texas – the state. The problem is that sixteen seems to be the preferred limit. More doesn’t work and less doesn’t either.

Sixteen teams, via Clay Travis’ musings might be spot on. I figured we would extend to sixteen with Carolina or Virginia schools, but I know nothing. It’s the windfarm folks coming our way.

Travis’ plan is impressive. If you have sixteen teams you break them up into four team blocks and pair them rotationally each season to make two eight team conferences. Blocks A,B,C, & D. A & B make the first year division with C & D in opposition. A & C the next and B & D the new quad pairings and they dance about every year. You could still hold a cross quad rival and if you play every Saturday and you stayed for the full four years with a divisional rival holding place you will have played everyone in conference. That’s pretty cool considering that under a fourteen team plan we get a mint julip at puberty and then again when we can’t find our keys.

This will work itself out. I’m pretty sure that the continuing professionalization of the game will leave me frustrated, but we’ll find a bottom and work forward. I still hate it.

If we go with the quads:

We are looking at a West that is Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Refugees.

Then we get LSU, Arkansas, Miss St, and Kiffin. That is a fun group.

Alabama, Vandy, Them Snitches, and West Georgia. Manageable.

Georgia, Florida, Skarolina, and Kentucky. Depending on the year.

What have we done here? We are taking on two teams that I think will be exposed. They, in my opinion play a weak slate. We’ll see. I’ve been notably wrong before. A,B.C. & D. Mix and mash those groups. It’s pretty silly that we still use maps. Planes and buses get us all to the same place in the same amount of time so regions may not matter as much. Don’t say that out loud. We may end up with Oregon in the SEC but at least proximity keeps us from picking winners and losers in hope of avoiding a pathetic or overpowered foursome. There will always be a group of death.

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