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It’s The End Of The July Jukebox Random 10 As We Know It

Rock, Hudson, Rock! Yeah!

Out to save the world!

Hola, amigos! You may have been expecting to catch a tune by those old boys from Athens (Georgia, not Alabama or Greece) after you finally got through reading the title of this week’s Random 10. But you should know by now I’ll mix metaphors, song references, and a whole mess of tracks without any hesitation whatsoever. Feel free to drop your own random assortment of delicious tunes in the comments below. In the meantime, here’s what mine looks like. And BTW — it’s only the end of the July Jukebox because it’s the end of July. Rock bands may come and rock bands may go, but rock and roll will go on forever!

  1. We Care a Lot by Faith No More (the bass-thumpin’ epic by the authors of “Epic”)
  2. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron (his magnum opus)
  3. Come Dancing by The Kinks (continued greatness past their prime)
  4. Slips by The Weeks (the young now-Nashville residents slip in a slowish song)
  5. The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room) by Flight of the Conchords (in the whole wide room)
  6. Ghetto Defendant by The Clash (to enlighten the populace)
  7. The Backseat by The Gaslight Anthem (a gritty little ditty)
  8. Dead Flowers by Townes Van Zandt (the song by the songwriter)
  9. I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You by The Ramones (brilliantly simple)
  10. Racist, Sexist Boy by The Linda Lindas (the youngest punk rock girls i know)