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August Heat Random 10 Jukebox

Hell burns hot for a killer’s heart...

One wore blue and one wore black...
Omnivore Recordings

Hola, amigas y amigos! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been sweatin’ through shirts on a too-regular basis lately. Fortunately, my own random list of songs has a pretty mellow vibe, so as soon as the work is done, I’m gonna kick off my shoes, find some cool liquid for both my toes and my throat, and ease on into this melodic music mash. Y’all can join me, but it’s strictly BYOT (Bring Your Own Tunes). Or just be super-lazy and enjoy mine. Peace...

  1. Trail of Tears by Guadalcanal Diary (RIP Jeff Walls)
  2. Petrov, Yelyena and Me by Flight of the Conchords
  3. Take Care by Big Star (RIP Alex Chilton)
  4. Separate Ways by Journey
  5. Another Star by Stevie Wonder
  6. Stick-N-Move by Blackbone
  7. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
  8. Mr. Eliminator by The Smithereens
  9. Voodoo Cadillac by Southern Culture on the Skids
  10. Free by Prince (RIP Prince)

Bonus: My Life by Mary J. Blige