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Dying 4 A Football Fix Random 10 Radio

All the angels screamed...

You never know who you’re gonna find there...
The Guardian

Hello, music lovers. Today’s title ties the initial tune to the sporting situation we find ourselves in at present — desperately waiting for the man to lead our favorite student-athletes into all tomorrow’s parties once again in Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, and beyond before they ultimately leave the Capstone to become the future TV stars of Sunday morning. Sadly, for Mary, Marguerita, Sarah, and “beardless” Harry, their own fix was a little more physically potent than the one we seek, so listen to their fates at your own risk.

Whether or not you decide to brave the velvety sonic waters of the late Lou Reed and friends, please do us all a favor and share your own random assortment of musical delights from your favorite device (no, not that device, you pervert, the one that plays songs!). Okay, let’s get moving and shaking, shall we? Rock on & Roll Tide!

  1. Run Run Run by The Velvet Underground
  2. Stay Cool by Jessy Wilson
  3. Warm Sentiments by Arrested Development
  4. Yellow Sun by The Raconteurs
  5. Hypnotize by White Stripes
  6. Attitude by Bad Brains
  7. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus
  8. Last Train to London by Electric Light Orchestra
  9. New Sensation by INXS
  10. Hypocritical Kiss by Jack White

p.s. I was going to add a bonus here, but since Jack White showed up via three of his various musical ensembles, I decided that was bonus enough for us all. ‘Til next time...