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Come join the Crimson Tide Sports Discord!

Want some dank real-time chat with other ‘Bama fans?

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Last week, I got a heads up from JB, one of the awesome moderators of a brand-new Alabama Discord server. I wanted to pass that along to you folks, explain what it is, and hopefully enlarge both our community and theirs.

What is Discord?

Discord began back in 2015 as a way for gamers to chat to one another while live-streaming content or playing together. Soon after, it exploded into a variety of uses and functionalities.

First, it creates a series of community hubs (much like old BBS systems or Reddit). There are general chat areas, specific posts and topical areas within the Discord. Second, it is a real-time communication hub — you don’t only leave posts; users have the ability to communicate with you in real time like Slack, Messenger programs, or text messages. You are not just limited to texts/posts either. You can also send voice messages, post videos, send video messages and the like. It’s an all-in-one communication system, with a straight forward UI and an app that is not at all a resource hog.

There are no stupid human tricks to go through either. It’s fairly simple: you go the Discord you wish to join, create a user name, download the app (or use the desktop functionality), then jump into the conversation, post a message or thread, chat online and the like.

What is Tide Sports Discord?

Rather than paraphrase JB’s message to me, I’ll post it below in toto, to better explain what this community hosts.

I just wanted to pass along a concept I’ve been working and co-moderating on the past several months with an Alabama Discord server. It’s got all kinds of news aggregation on anything you could imagine, I often give film breakdowns, and it’s got good analysis for a quick, on the spot chatting.

It is like a chatting area of sorts; this would not be to replace anything, but more along the lines for a supplementary position of quick chats and news updates, plus I figure with all of the news at easy access with the server’s retrieval bots, it possibly makes finding source stories a bit easier as well.

It sounds like a really cool idea, and I’m happy to pass it along. For those of you that do not wish to use Discord, we probably be linking some of the cooler stories, breaking news, and film reviews in the future. And why not? The more sweet Crimson Tide #content, the better, right?

While it’s nothing you stay on all day, it is a neat adjunct to your favorite ‘Bama sites, especially if you’re looking for something very specific, and you want to reach out to some non-RBR folks. (I use Discord fairly often my self for modding Skyrim).

If you’re interested, here is the landing page (though I suspect they will have to change the name in the near future — Tuscaloosa News will sue them into oblivion for that “Tide Sports” branding).